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Sinc_2023Whether you are looking for an armchair adventure or tips on what to do with your languages or your business, I hope that you find it here.

In the Books section, you will find links to my books and book translations. The Blog will bring you short stories from the worlds of my books and sea stories of my real-life adventures.

My coming-of-age crime novels come in two series, each named for the first book in the trilogy. 

emily & hilda-revised2

Emily & Hilda came out in December 2019. Set in the present, it follows the collection of short stories that lead to the fateful night when the two women meet on a lonely road in Kansas.

3D Lockhart concept

Lockhart (published in May 2020) unfolds in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the dangerous “Years of Lead” in Italy. It grows from the short stories that start in World War II.

rule number one_2_final

In the sequel to Emily & Hilda, Rule Number One,  Emily rises to the top of the professional cycling world only to encounter tragedy and death. A powerful unknown enemy targets Emily, Hilda and Emily’s mother, Katherine.


Enemies, the second Lockhart book, arrived in February 2022. Sandra and Joe try to pursue their college studies, only to find themselves facing enemies new and old in Italy and the United States.

Ebook - Emily Hard to Kill

Emily Is Hard to Kill the third book in the Emily & Hilda trilogy, came out in February 2023. Spanning two continents and a pandemic, this tale follows Emily as she faces danger and suffers grievous loss on her quest.

Ebook - Art to Die for final

Art To Die for wraps up the Lockhart trilogy in the spring of 2023. Sandra loses her family and Joe almost dies as they face their most daunting challenge yet.

Quick links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords

You may support your local indie bookstore by ordering from them, in person or online. For example, Prince Books in Norfolk, Virginia (USA), can order my books and have them shipped.

The non-fiction includes sea stories (in the blog), and my booklets on language careers and how freelancers can set their prices without worrying about what others are charging.

Feel free to contact me using the contact form or email to jt@jthine.com.