A little help on the side, please.

Many of you followed my blog, The Freewheeling Freelancer, and some still do. This week I invite you to help me shape its future. Even if you have never read The Freewheeling Freelancer, I value your input.

The Freewheeling Freelancer has three major components (and three readerships, I learned):

  1. The travelogue. Your armchair trip with me. I can recycle old trips, but the pandemic has new adventures on hold.
  2. Practicalities about working on the road, for those who might want to get out there. I have been updating old posts lately.
  3. The stories. My sea stories, short stories and vignettes. You are reading those here already.


Please take a few seconds to share your thoughts:

Thank you. Next week, an adventure from Hilda’s past.

Be safe and be well,


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