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A writer and translator who carries his office and his world in the panniers of his bicycle.

Sea story: the rug merchant meets his match (1974)

1973-tangierWhen USS Little Rock (CLG-4), the Sixth Fleet flagship, pulled into Tangiers, Morocco at the end of January, I had a more important mission than building US-Moroccan relations (which I helped do anyway). This was one of the few ports where my wife Carol (a singer with the Sixth Fleet Music Show) would not be with me. She had issued clear-cut orders to come home with a handmade, wool Moroccan rug. Not some little runner for the hall, but a full-sized beauty to lie beneath the entire living room ensemble. Continue reading

Win a free book: name him

emily & hilda-revised2Dear readers and friends,

Here is a challenge and a chance to win a free copy of my next E&H book. Consider this character:

“American, rich, spoiled, entitled, and a total male chauvinist, son of a fundamentalist preacher. Raised to believe that women must be put in their place and kept there. Happy to be away from home, studying at Harvard. Runs triathlons and marathons. Born in 1975, so he is at university in the early 1990s.”

Give him a name.

The character is more human than this stereotype, but I am collecting ideas here.

To make a suggestion, please reply below or use the contact form.

Free copy of  the new book to the winner. Thanks in advance and enjoy!


Sea story: Man overboard! (1970)

1970-bainbridge heavy seasGranted, it’s a hackneyed line, “it was a dark and stormy night.” But it was. For almost a week, USS Lawrence (DDG-4) had been making her way across the northern part of the Atlantic on a great circle route from Europe. Although not a small ship, she was taking green water over the bow regularly, as she crashed into each massive roller before rising up and over the crest. Visibility was a philosophical concept, and daylight was something vague in the mist and wind. Continue reading