Sea story: Shaka, bra! (1979)

The only time that the Navy sent me to the Pacific for duty was 1977-1981, first on board the USS Reeves (CG-24), then as the Logistics Plans Officer for Commander-in-Chief US Pacific Fleet. 1977-12-01 Reeves ParkingReeves was in overhaul for my entire two-year tour, so in effect we lived in Honolulu for four years. This was my first shore tour, and my wife and I dived into the local scene as if we were going to live there forever. A bicycle was probably the most intelligent and easiest mode of transportation on the island of Oahu. I rode mine everywhere, in uniform and in civilian clothes. Continue reading


There are two special events close to the heroes of my novels.

Joe Lockhart is a translator, and 30 September is National Translation Day, a celebration promoted by UNESCO.

Emily and Hilda — and her friends and family — ride bicycles, and several types of bicycles appear in the book. The League of American Bicyclists celebrate the National Bicycle Challenge throughout the month of September.

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