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Emily & Hilda

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Cycling was already an adventure, but then…

Teenage bicycle racing phenom Emily Hampstead is training for a major race. Retired Army nurse Hilda Paisley is traveling the USA on her bicycle. They meet by chance on a deserted road in Kansas, not suspecting that they’ll ever cross paths again.

Emily continues to win races to the delight and surprise of bicycle racing fans in the US and abroad. Her family moves to Virginia, where she attracts unexpected and deadly attention.

Meanwhile, after witnessing a terrorist attack, Hilda helps the police make arrests – and the terrorists add her name to their hit list. After escaping the immediate threat, Hilda reports to a temporary nursing job in a Southern hospital.

When Emily accepts Hilda’s offer to ride to Canada – with Hilda’s friend Jack – it promises to be a fun adventure.

If they can survive it.

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Rule Number One

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When you don’t know who your enemies are, how do you defeat them?

Emily continues her success on the American bicycle road racing circuit and her first year at the University of Virginia. Emily’s mother, Katherine, has become a popular teacher at the university in her first full year on board. They hope that Emily’s adventures touring in Canada the summer before are behind them, but there are still enemies out there…

After a terrorist bombing decimates the USA under-twenty-three racing team, Emily takes a year from school to determine her future. Meanwhile, Katherine survives an assassination attempt and joins her daughter traveling off the grid. They hope to give the FBI time to find and arrest the man behind the violence over the last two years.

If they can stay alive that long…

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Joe Lockhart can barely remember a time before his mother, Nancy, a drug company executive, brought him to Italy to escape her grief after the death of Joe’s father.

Now, against a background of escalating political violence and Nancy’s concerns for his safety, Joe wants to finish high school before returning to the US. He begins translating confidential company files for his mother and Luke, her colleague. The work seems straightforward and harmless.

While Nancy and Luke are in Germany on business, Joe uncovers a plot to overthrow the Italian government. Soon, he finds himself kidnapped, wanted by the military police, and racing to help head off a coup d’état.

Lockhart is a tale of personal and political conflict, of recovery from grief, and finding new meaning in the idea of home.

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As political violence continues to roil Italy and racial violence grows in the USA, Sandra and Joe come back to the US to attend different schools. In Italy, a vicious public hate campaign targets Joe’s mother, Nancy. In Virginia, Joe is learning brutal lessons about race relations in the United States, having grown up in Italy. In Washington DC, Sandra uncovers an international art forgery scheme. The two lovers meet again in Rome, where they and Nancy face a common enemy. Working with the FBI and the Italian police, they might be able to stop him, if they can stay alive that long… 

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Beyond the Age of Oil: the Myths, Realities and Future of Fossil Fuels

by Leonardo Maugeri, translated by Jonathan Hine

Beyond the Age of OilIn this eagerly awaited sequel to his prize-winning bestseller, The Age of Oil, Leonardo Maugeri, the strategy director of one of the world’s biggest energy companies, puts forward a hardheaded, concrete plan in simple everyday language for how to shift the world economy’s primary energy dependence from fossil fuels to renewable energies by 2035.

Dr. Maugeri covers the different issues so completely and clearly that when you finish the book, you can even disagree with his plan, and know why you do. Priceless for understanding the real issues.

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Combat Aircraft 

by Riccardo Niccoli, translated by Jonathan Hine

516q3YTWsaL._SX400_BO1,204,203,200_From the Grumman Hellcat and Boeing Flying Fortress to the Sopwith Camel, Mitsubishi Zero, and Ilyushin Sturmovik, Combat Aircraft presents the 40 most famous aircraft in history. These are the planes that had the greatest impact on the collective consciousness, and each one appears in 3-D renderings with detailed information. In addition, a 20-sheet book lets you see the machines in oversize foldouts. The engaging text leads you on a journey through time, and includes stories, curiosities, and anecdotes.

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Schio: Industrial Archeology 

by Bernardetta Ricatti, translated by Jonathan Hine

51Ol7NguuOL._SX415_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgOne of the earliest books in the new field of industrial archaeology, this volume traces the origins of the Industrial Revolution in Northern Italy and documents its structures with stunning illustrations.

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