Recruiting beta readers!

Enemies, the second Lockhart novel, is ready. Those who read the advance draft and provide feedback receive acknowledgement in the book and a free copy (print or electronic: your choice). Here is the short description:
While violence continues in Italy and the USA, Sandra and Joe settle into their college lives in different cities. In Italy, a vicious public hate campaign targets Joe’s mother. Joe, having grown up in Italy, learns brutal lessons about American race relations. Sandra uncovers an international art forgery scheme. The two friends meet again in Rome and learn that they have a common enemy.
Looking for a diverse group. Apply by email ( or by using the contact form.  
For background short stories and a sample chapter of the first book click here.  

Holiday shopping tip: remember the indies.

While you are thinking of holiday shopping, remember your independent bookstores. Their sales are down 40% although people are buying books in record numbers (mostly through Amazon). This operation, Bookshop. org, is trying to help. The profits go to the bookstore. Try them. Of course, my books are there, too, but go ahead and search for others. Happy shopping!


There are two special events close to the heroes of my novels.

Joe Lockhart is a translator, and 30 September is National Translation Day, a celebration promoted by UNESCO.

Emily and Hilda — and her friends and family — ride bicycles, and several types of bicycles appear in the book. The League of American Bicyclists celebrate the National Bicycle Challenge throughout the month of September.

In honor of these events, Lockhart and Emily & Hilda will be on sale for a full month. Pricing varies by retailer, with Smashwords offering the best deal on eBooks (USD 1,25 – Code LJ88L)) and Amazon on the print versions (price varies by location).

Quick links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords

You may support your local indie bookstore by ordering through, which is also discounted.