Win a free book: name him

emily & hilda-revised2Dear readers and friends,

Here is a challenge and a chance to win a free copy of my next E&H book. Consider this character:

“American, rich, spoiled, entitled, and a total male chauvinist, son of a fundamentalist preacher. Raised to believe that women must be put in their place and kept there. Happy to be away from home, studying at Harvard. Runs triathlons and marathons. Born in 1975, so he is at university in the early 1990s.”

Give him a name.

The character is more human than this stereotype, but I am collecting ideas here.

To make a suggestion, please reply below or use the contact form.

Free copy of  the new book to the winner. Thanks in advance and enjoy!



“There. Finish up, nurse, thank you.” Her wide, brown eyes did not change expression as she waited for instructions. “Sorry. Et voilà. Je vous laisse finir, madame.”

Bien sûr, docteur. Allez vous reposer.” Sure, doctor. Go get some rest. She reached for the bandage tape, and began cleaning and covering the incision. She was the third nurse to assist him today. An American WAC, a Scottish nurse from the British Army, and this local civilian who volunteered. The patients were just as varied. Continue reading