Christmas chapter: Seeking Safety

2018-Chrsitmas tree topper[This became Chapter Four of the novel Emily & Hilda. Free on Smashwords through New Year’s Day. Enjoy!]

“I am so glad you agreed to stay through Christmas,” Linda Rathburn said, as Hilda handed her the angel topper for the Christmas tree. An early snowfall in mid-December had put everyone in a holiday mood. Linda climbed down and reached for her hot apple cider on the table.
“I have to admit, this has been a safer and friendlier place to wait than anywhere else. You and Joe have been wonderful.” Continue reading

Sample Chapter 1: Bomb

Everyday Life of Italy in the 1950s (13)

Joe Lockhart felt and heard a heavy thump up ahead as he coasted downhill. It pushed the hot September air into his face like a gust of wind. He sped past the heavy traffic that choked downtown Rome during the lunch hour, even on the weekend. Ahead on his left stood the American Embassy, still called Palazzo Margherita by the locals. Wondering about the noise, he decided not to stop at the Embassy Annex to his right, where he had been going. Continue reading