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A book signed by the author makes a wonderful gift. If you happen to know me, it can be a souvenir. Or bring a signed copy to your book club, and let them know that they can order their own. 

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Amid political violence throughout Italy. Joe Lockhart, growing up in Rome with his mother Nancy, is translating company files for her and a colleague. Joe uncovers a plot to overthrow the government and finds himself kidnapped as he races to head off the coup.



Violence continues in Italy and the USA. Sandra and Joe settle into their college lives in different cities. A vicious public hate campaign targets Joe’s mother. Having grown up in Italy, Joe learns brutal lessons about American race relations. Sandra uncovers an international art forgery scheme. The two friends meet again in Rome and learn that they have a common enemy.


Emily & Hilda

Teenage bicycle phenom Emily Hampstead and retired Army nurse Hilda Paisley meet one night on a deserted road in Kansas. Hilda is crossing the USA on her bicycle; Emily is training for a major race. They part ways, not suspecting how their lives will be entwined in danger and intrigue…


Rule Number One

Emily is a first-year student at the University of Virginia. Emily’s mother, Katherine, has become a popular teacher at the University in her first full year on board. They hope that Emily’s adventures touring in Canada the summer before are behind them, but there are still enemies out there…


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